Are women born with super powers?

As we near Mothering Sunday I was recently asked by my son “Mum, why do we have Mother’s Day but we don’t have Kids Day?” I had to pause and take a very very deep breath to stop myself screaming “Every day is kids day”. I then detailed the never ending roles that Mums have including but not limited to, carrying him inside my tummy for 9 months with feet like trotters then going through the unmerciful pain to bring him into the world and enduring years of sleep deprivation to name but a few sacrifices.

It’s safe to say he was sorry he asked that question and will never ask such a question again!

This got me thinking and I believe that being a mum we definitely have superpowers. Let me explain why...I’m a busy mum & wife and I’m always juggling more balls that is humanly possible, hoping that my superwoman powers will see me good and one won’t drop! I know I’m not alone in this sport and there are so many other women out there, including my girlfriends who are crazily juggling, throwing, batting and dodging life size balls just to get through the day, often resurfacing at the end of the day covered in scratches, bruises and scragged heads (metaphorically speaking) grateful that they can live another day to tell the tale and do it all over again the next day.

Women have the incredible ability to take on so much and do it with great ease. I should point out that I’m not man beating here before any men get their boxers in a twist! I know there are many amazing dads and husbands (including my own) out there who do an amazing job, I just find that the women I meet on a daily basis have so many roles to play in their lives and so many also have a job or are an entrepreneur working from home with some even doing it alongside paid employment. 

How times have dramatically changed since I was younger, the elder women in my family had one job and that was taking care of the home. The men went off to work and came home to a clean house, happy children and food on the table. Today, so many women are doing all of the above and more and hold down work and they still find the time to exercise but when mums exercise there is a marked difference in how it’s done unlike when dads exercise. Men don’t need permission to go to the gym, spend hours playing golf, play football or other such sports with "the lads" or do they ever need permission to go the pub afterwards as a reward? Plus, the chances of you ever seeing a man take his baby or toddler to the gym or a fitness class is unheard of unless it’s a baby yoga class!

  I teach an exercise class called Yummy Mummy Fitcamp which is for women who want to get in shape but don’t have childcare so they are able to bring their little darling with them. It’s fascinating to watch women exercise and tend to their child whether that be taking them to the toilet, breast feeding, comforting them or playing a little game whilst doing a sit up and attentively kissing them on the head on each lift resulting in squeals of laughter from their little one.  Many of my Yummy Mums often run into the class in a frenzied state after a morning of school runs, tantrums, tidying the house and getting everything ready for the day ahead. However, once in the room and surrounded by like-minded women also with their children, they all seem to have this unspoken appreciation and respect for their fellow female because they know exactly what each other has had to endure just to get to the class.  It is widely known that exercise is one of the best forms of stress release so it’s not surprising that so many women are bringing their children to classes. Plus, I believe a mummy exercising with their off spring makes for a fantastic role model and teaches the child that a healthy active lifestyle is a productive way of life. The release of endorphins during exercise is great for our mental health because they help us to feel happy and less stressed. Added to this is the physical benefits of exercise, no wonder mums are making it work for them. 

I am in awe of so many women in my life and praise you for what you do for your families. Mother’s Day is your day so embrace it knowing that the job you do for your children is a highly skilled unpaid job no other person in their right mind would offer to do for free - except for another Superwoman. 

Have a fabulous Mother’s Day Supermum - I salute you xx

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