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Menopause is a time for a woman to grow into who she is going to be for the rest of Her life. This journey is all about her and now is the time to learn who she really is. It is time for all women to come together and support each other.
When I started my menopause I felt lost and confused. The medical advice and information I was given was based around prescribed medications which all went against my holistic beliefs and lifestyle. 

I felt compelled to show women how they can journey through menopause holistically, just like I have, reaching their health and fitness goals without compromise. Of course some women will feel they need HRT and my approach can help these women too so that menopause is an experience that isn't overwhelming.
Menopause is a time of change, I encourage women through my programs, eBook, talks, retreats and 1-1 coaching to embrace the changes and live her best life for the rest of her life.

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